10. Why art quilts rather than some other medium? In art school, I tried many media. In high school, I started out wanting to be a jeweler. In graduate school, I was interested in basketry techniques used to make 3D sculpture. Finally while working on my MFA, I took a class in traditional quilting and got hooked on that process. I’ve been a professional quilter since 1982.

11. What hardships have you endured in pursuit of your art? Early on, I ruined both of my wrists with carpal tunnel and ended up having the surgery on both with great success. I periodically sand the tips of my fingers while in the shower, as the tips get constantly pricked and are rough and peel. (I hate to use thimbles.) Monetarily, I’m constantly seduced with the NEED to own the perfect bauble, bead, or trim, and so my bank account has been known to suffer sometimes. I also spend vast amounts of time alone, as the work is so labor intensive.

12. Would you make me green piece with pink polka dots to go with my sofa?
I might, so let’s talk. I understand that you aren’t going to create a whole room to go around my art work and that you want it to fit in within what you already have, so I’m definitely willing to consider special colors, shapes, themes, and other needs you may want to have the piece of art work of your dreams,

13. Why make art in the first place? I would do art of some form even if I were all alone on a desert island, as it feeds my soul. I start getting itchy inside if I haven’t done some sewing in a few days. Since I’m not having any kids, my art work is the part of me that I’m leaving for posterity. I hope that the waves of happy energy that ripple out into the Universe as I create my work will strike a smile on all that view it.

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