Artist Statement "Art is an Expression of One's Heart & Soul"

As a fiber artist, I delight in the feel of fabric, lace, buttons, beads, and assorted passementerie. Hoarding vast quantities of “things” gives me the supplies I need to create my work. I guess I should confess, at this point, to being a fiber “junkie”. Even though the supply of treasures grows steadily larger, I never seem to have enough materials. There are probably many who would differ with me on this point, after seeing my studio.

I suppose that the reason my work looks the way that it does is because I need a lot of visual stimulation. I just keep adding on pieces to my appliqué work until it “looks right” to me. Those who like my art tend to respond to it in three areas. Some say that they love my use of color. Others are amazed by the vast quantities of buttons and beads that are used to create texture, and want to know where I find them all. Still others marvel at “all those little tiny stitches”, which a friend has dubbed “needlework obsessive”.

For most of my pieces, I rarely sketch out a design ahead of time, unless a client needs to see something before proceeding on a commission. I am fortunate to be blessed with terrific dreams, so frequently, that’s where the image for an art quilt originates; in my head. I begin the construction of the top by pinning up a piece of solid colored fabric vertically on my studio wall. While working, the cutting out process can be particularly “breathy”, since I sometimes can’t cut out the pieces fast enough. This excitement comes from the fact that I don’t know what the finished image will look like until it’s done. Sometimes, hours fly by as I’m cutting, since I want to hurry up and see my mental image take its physical form. I hope that my audience senses some of the personal energy that I’m trying to project into each piece. These works are the “children” that I’m leaving behind, and each piece has a little of my own personal magic in it. To view my resume click here
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